my social life

I have hobbies like latin dance, hiphop and motocycle riding. I  ve been dancing salsa and bachata for 3 years with license. And I m an amateur motocycle rider for 11 years.   I m sometimes introvert or maybe extravert time to time,  My mood is changeable I may get bored easy from anything, even from myself 😀 I m a twins boy could that be the reason?  

On the other hand this is not true in my bussiness life, Because I like what I m doing, I call  it in turkish language;

Kodumun Dünyası

means world of codes 🙂

I m patient once I m focused on a subject, especially when the code was not working  it’s enforce me to give up, but there is no way, I may forget eating something or to go to toilet until I make it work 🙂 But this is sometimes stealing my living energy. There is a sentence most of the programmers knows that; 


My codes not working.. No idea?!

My codes working.. no idea?!

haha 🙂 it happens sometimes



Actually I m a social person, I do some activities  I join latin festivals, hiphop classes, motocycle groups, camping alone or in a group, shooting and anyting it depends on the mood at that time, Nevertheless, I m lonely wolf most of the time like a man forgotten on the mars. how nice, isn’it


12 Calibre 7+1 hunting gun &  me

Hi Sharks 🙂


Bodrum / Turkey

Anger of the night is always hungry

Ametour Radio Operationg

I m higly interested in ametour radio operating, I listen VHF, UHF and HF frequency bands with my radio equipments. I is very insterting expecially HF bans allows me to talk to 3000 miles away with other radio ametour stations sometimes! Thanks to ionosphere for reflecting my signals back to earth! 🙂


Astornomy always feels me smaller than a particle of sand, and how big universe is, I search about starts, planets, their life cycles, space programs, and of couse science fiction 🙂 I started to observe with my celestron C70 mini, and hope to buy a professional one in near future

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