When I asked about a language, Why you choosed this programming language some people have a usial answwer. “it is used every where”

Do they? Actually it is subjective, it depends on why you need it. For instance Java, does it? 

Yes because oracle says 3 Bilions machines run Java and it is popular as well. But my answer is no 🙂 Because the most beautiful programming language in the world is useless unless it allows you to write the program that you need.

You you may also say C, or C++ is the best, or phyton or kotlin  (or whatever) is the language of the future. To choose a programming language first you must know yourself and what purpose you have for a programming language.


For my instance, I have to create some apps, user interafaces, and they must be accessible from most kind of the devices as much as possible, I should be user-friendly, write less code and do more, screens must be mobile friendly. Theese are the requests from the customers. My answer is JavaScript.

Key features JavaScript;

  • it is platform independent
  • it is free and opensource
  • if there is a browser, there is JavaScript, even without like Node.js
  • There are many libraries and frameworksto use, free and life safer;
    • OpenCV for image processing
    • three.js for 3D modelling
    • quagga for barcode scanning
    • Bootstrap for mobile friendly pages
    • JQuery for write less do more so more 🙂
    • google maps api
    • React.js for building user interfaces
    • Node.js for to run JavaScript at the server side and so on…
  • it has a popular data exchange format : JSON
  • it is fast (not so  same as C++ which is realy fast but close enough)
  • it is very widely used
  • you dont have to update client apps each time like winform  apps. What you need is to just update your application server.
  • very good documented and supported


JavaScript is certainly is not very perfect, but at the moment, it is hard to beat and things are only getting better.

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